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What is microblading? 
Microblading is s semi- permanent procedure (lasting up to 18 months) using a pen like blade that etches one mm beneath the skin form hairlike strokes. This will fill in, reshape and strengthen the contour or the brow so needing less pencilling, tweezing or coloring in. Pain? Very slightly.... about that of waxing. 

If your eyebrows are uneven, nonexistent or can barely be seen... this service is for you !

You will receive all the necessary before care information once you schedule your appointment. The d

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You will receive all the necessary before care information once you schedule your appointment. The day you meet with me. I will do a 20-30 minute consultation which includes discussing your brow goals, measuring and mapping out the shape, and choosing the appropriate color. A numbing cream is then applied, making the procedure less painful than a typical wax. Once the numbing cream has taken effect, you will lie down and i will begin etching in the outline of the brow. This outline is done to both brows and then pigment is placed on the brows to soak in for 5 minutes.

Then, it’s time for the second pass. This is where i will go back in and add in the detail strokes and finish up the Microblading. Pigment is again placed on the brows to ensure every stroke receives proper color saturation.  The whole procedure lasts anywhere from 2 to 2.5 hours and a follow up appointment is scheduled for 5-6 weeks out. At your following up, the I will put back in any pigment lost in the healing process, and tweak any imperfections. Once your second appointment is complete, you should be good to go for 12-18 months!

Remember, this procedure is semi permanent. Microblading is an art and a science and is a fantastic, low maintenance option to filling in and shaping your brow everyday! Microblading has become popular with beauty enthusiasts who want to give their brows some heft, but it’s also doing wonders for those who suffer from overplucking, alopecia, trigonometrical, or anyone undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Take a note if you’re pregnant or breast feeding you can not do this procedure. 
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